October 15, 2015

Medical Tourism Facilitators – Why Patients Need Telemedicine




Why Would Medical Tourism Facilitators Provide Telemedicine?

Why would you provide telemedicine for your clients?

Patient returns home after procedure and cannot find a doctor to help with follow-up care needed after any procedure. Patients feel pain, suffer from inflammatory issues, open wounds and are lost without directions and guidance. Our MD’s do provide personal care, pharmaceuticals and specialized protocols to promote healing.
Patient finds a specialist to provide follow-up care, but the appointment is 30 days or more away. Prompt follow-up care is essential after undergoing any invasive procedure, so as to limit causes of pain and encourage healing. Our service is 24 hours per day and specialists are often connected to patients on the same day. Immediacy is vital.
General doctors are unfamiliar with many surgical procedures and other than rote instructions; they generally refer the patient on to specialists for further care, which is time consuming. Frustration sets in as the patient is bounced between practitioners only to waste time, money and not receive the immediate care that is required. The Emergency Room physicians answering all calls are knowledgeable of all surgical or invasive procedures and know how to handle the recovery.
Foreign Medical Records are mostly incomplete and not acceptable to US physicians as they do not conform to MU standards. Patients lose out on continued care as the new Doctor has no concept of the procedures, lab reports or follow-up care directives. Utilizing the same EHR system, complete patient files are available in USA standard formats and translated into English.
Costs in finding doctors who are willing to provide continued care is very expensive as physicians see an assumption of liability for procedures they did not perform. Most of these costs are not reimbursable to the patient and must be paid for in cash. Patients always and unfairly pay a premium for such services. Telemedicine is cost saving as there are no brick and mortar up-charges. Fees are similar to a normal General Practitioner’s office visit and sometimes even less expensive.
Patients depart for procedures not knowing what awaits them upon their return home. Feelings of fear, discomfort and anxiety are common emanations as seen by travelling patients. Patients are advised of assured care once returning home. Feelings of security and comfort abound.
Patients often have questions well after returning home. Finding a doctor who will answer a simple or even complicated health question is a burden. Patients are exasperated and irritated because often time the questions are simple, yet because of the overseas component, MD’s are not quick to respond.

Our services are 24 hours – all patient records are maintained for 5 years, allowing patients to call at any time for a consultation with a MD familiar with their circumstance.

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